A Bird’s Eye View of a Few Big Birds

On Tuesday night, I arrived all giddy at MSP Airport. I had a typical “kid in a candy store” expression plastered on my face, but this time it was amplified – my face legitimately hurt from smiling. I wasn’t going to the dog park or the viewing area or the cemetery or the gold ramp, […]

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Flying to Pass the Time

Time really does fly… but come this weekend, you’d think I was flying just to pass the time. Something big, something HUGE, something SO exciting is happening. BUT.. I’m keeping my lips sealed for now. I’ll just tell you this – two days, four states, five flights. That’s all you get for now. You’ll hear more […]

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The phrase “Never meet your hero” is a lie… a big, big lie

I read about airplanes and I’m happy. I write about airplanes and I’m happy. But when someone else reads what I write about airplanes… that’s the ultimate – an indescribable feeling of satisfaction and success. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: aviation is in my blood. With parents who met as flight […]

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