A Bird’s Eye View of a Few Big Birds

On Tuesday night, I arrived all giddy at MSP Airport. I had a typical “kid in a candy store” expression plastered on my face, but this time it was amplified – my face legitimately hurt from smiling. I wasn’t going to the dog park or the viewing area or the cemetery or the gold ramp, […]

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Speedbird, Dynasty, Redwood… Oh my!

I have a lot to learn. I listen to the Minneapolis Air Traffic Control (ATC) tower feed quite often, and have been doing so for the last couple years. I love spotting out at MSP, but you don’t see a whole lot of heavies out there. And despite how much I wish… how much I […]

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Invisible Highways: An Inside Look at Air Traffic Control in the U.S.

Note: This was originally published on the Aviation Queen blog, where I have been fortunate enough to post as a guest contributor thanks to the immense kindness of Benét Wilson. While I love music, these days I find myself listening to air traffic control feeds more often than tunes. On average, more than 400,000 landings […]

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